I can’t believe it. Two weeks in and I’ve picked up an injury. I’m pretty confident I won’t be doing run 9 of Couch to 5k in the near future. It feels like all the hard work and emotional energy I’ve put in to get to this point has been wasted.

I began to notice it during a 3 hour drive yesterday- a sharp stabbing pain in the front of my ankle brought on by movement or a sudden shift in weight baring. It’s got worse as the weekend has gone on.

My initial response was to wonder if I had shin splints, but the nature and position of the pain doesn’t seem to tally with the results of the research I did online.

The honest truth is I don’t have a clue, so I’m going to ice it regularly over the next few days, rest up and see what happens. If it doesn’t get better I’ll book an appointment with the GP.

The irony that my knees have survived the first two weeks of running without complaint and now my ankle has let me down is frustrating to say the least.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I’ve been running wearing barefoot shoes. I’ve been wearing Vivo Barefoots everyday for about a year now and I think they are brilliant. I love the feeling of being in contact with the ground, how they improve my posture and the space they give my feet to move naturally.

Having never had problems with them, it was a logical decision to continue wearing them when I started running. It wasn’t like I had to transition slowly from wearing heavily cushioned shoes.

Now I’m wondering if wearing a more traditional running trainer with increased support might have been a wiser choice, especially given I’m still around three stone overweight.

What are your experiences with barefoot shoes? Has any one experienced a similar sounding injury whilst wearing them?

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5 thoughts on “Injury

  1. I love my minimalist running shoes but treat them like another type of run: eg the interval run, the tempo run, the long slow run, the minimalist shoe run. I made the mistake of wearing them on a stoney track and hurt the soles of my feet – no issues beyond that but I use them with some caution. Hope you recover soon.


    1. Thanks! Hopefully it’s nothing too serious and I’m overthinking it!

      Really interesting to know how you think about and use your barefoot shoes too- more of a balanced approach than just all barefoot all the time!


  2. I run in barefoot shoes (by Merrell with more protected toes, no toe shoes like the vibram fivefingers) and never had problems in them. What I try to do is staying loose & springy and run on the forefoot to avoid the harsh impact on the legs. I agree with using them with some caution & watch your steps and the ground 🙂


    1. Thanks for your advice Mona! I’ve got to be honest, I hadn’t even thought about my running technique- being so unfit it was just about getting through the C25k session I was on without passing out!

      Thinking about it, I would say I was probably on the forefoot as I started the run (just how I walk after a year in barefoot), but the further I got, the more ragged I became and my running was very flat-footed.

      When I recover from this, I’ll definitely take your advice on board and be more focused on getting my technique right!

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      1. Sounds great 😀 I recommend watching videos about barefoot running or natural running. This helped me a lot when I got into running years ago.
        I never did it for weight loss/fitness or a marathon, though but more for the mental & meditative experience, consistency, self-discipline and being a crazy earlier riser person. Being outside at dawn is one of the best things ever for me 😀
        So I’m having a pretty relaxed mindset about it, I guess.


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