5K and Counting

That Knee

Two runs away from completing Couch to 5k and injury has struck. Again. It’s my troublesome left knee. The knee which kept me from impact exercise for the better part of a decade. The knee that stopped me playing football regularly before my 30th birthday. The knee that had a cyst in the bone thatContinue reading “That Knee”

February 2021 Rundown

I’ve decided to start a new summary of my running month- it’s valuable to be able to look back and see what went well, what didn’t and what can be learnt. Highlights Injury free monthGetting through February injury free was massive! I’ve been at this since September 2020 and it’s the first month I haven’tContinue reading “February 2021 Rundown”

2021 Running Goals

Whilst I’m not much of one for New Years resolutions, I do value setting goals for the year ahead. I believe if you don’t aspire to anything, you’ll struggle to achieve much of worth. In that spirit, I’ve got three running goals for 2021; Completing Couch to 5K, taking part in ParkRun and finishing theContinue reading “2021 Running Goals”

Looking Back… 2020

It’s around this time of year that everyone starts writing their 2020 lists, posting their #best9 on Instagram and setting resolutions. Whilst I only started running in September 2020 and was curtailed by injury just 2 months later, I’ve learnt three really valuable lessons that I hope you will find helpful either in running orContinue reading “Looking Back… 2020”


I’m now on week 5 of Couch to 5k and yesterday I ran for two eight minute blocks. Without stopping. For those of you who pop out ‘for a quick 10k’ after work three times a week, that may not sound like much, but for me it represents real progress and it feels great. TheContinue reading “Progress”

Look Ahead

In my teens and twenties I played a lot of sport, so back in September when I decided to try running to get active after years out with injury, I assumed I could just lace up my shoes and run. I believed the fitness I desired would come with time and effort. I wasn’t worriedContinue reading “Look Ahead”

Running for Good

Fiona Oaks is an athlete with a message. She’s a vegan, passionately committed to animal welfare and runs her own animal sanctuary. If you ask her, she will say the only reason she runs is for the animals. It’s what motivates her and what drives her to the most incredible feats of endurance, one ofContinue reading “Running for Good”

C25K Rerun: Trainers

I suspect one of the reasons I ended up with extensor tendonitis a month ago is that I went from doing no running for years to running three times a week in barefoot shoes.  I have been wearing nothing but Vivo Barefoot trainers for over a year.  Having heard about them through various podcasts, IContinue reading “C25K Rerun: Trainers”


It’s been three weeks since I had to stop my running comeback due to an injury. After initial fears that it might have been shin splints or a stress fracture (thanks NHS online!) it turned out to be a simple case of extensor tendonitis. A mix of ice, rest and anti-inflammatory drugs has calmed itContinue reading “Plans”


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