That Knee

Two runs away from completing Couch to 5k and injury has struck. Again.

It’s my troublesome left knee. The knee which kept me from impact exercise for the better part of a decade. The knee that stopped me playing football regularly before my 30th birthday. The knee that had a cyst in the bone that seemed to have resolved.

That knee.

I started getting that familiar, sharp pain down the back of the joint after my last run on the 1st March and stopped running immediately.

I’ve spent a week resting, desperately hoping it’s a muscle pull or strain in a similar area because if the cyst is back, it’s probably the end of my running and any other form of high impact exercise.

Over the past seven days the pain has eased off, and day-to-day movement has returned to normal. However, if I put any serious loading on my knee the pain and weakness is still there.

I went on a four mile hike this weekend, and walking over rough, wooded terrain it was clear I’m a long way from being able to run.

Maybe I’m just being overly pessimistic because of my previous injury. Maybe I’m jumping straight to worst case scenario before I need to. Maybe it’s not as bad as I think it is.

I hope it’s not as bad as I think it is.

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8 thoughts on “That Knee

    1. Thanks!

      Not seen a PT yet- they aren’t really doing face-to-face appointments on the NHS at the moment. I’m going to give it another week and see how it feels- that way if it is a strain or pull, it should have time to clear up. If it hasn’t I’ll touch base with my knee consultant and see if I can get an appointment with him.

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  1. My husband is an avid crossfit athlete and has posterior knee pain frequently. I’ve used a general knee support KT taping method on him with good success. It’s also important to strength train!

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