Hi there!

I’m Graham, and I’d like to be a runner.

Not an Olympian, or an Iron Man or marathon runner.

Just someone who can complete a Park Run without walking and can hold a conversation whilst on the move.

In my teenage years I was very active, playing all the team sports under the sun; football, basketball, rugby, hockey. I dabbled in tennis and squash. I rode my mountain bike along gnarly trails, plunging down wooded slaloms with the fearlessness of youth.

Then I hit my 20s. Apart from a weekly kick about with mates, the team sports got swamped by the responsibilities of jobs and paying the bills. I moved far away from my tennis club.  I got the fear, my mountain bike rusted and I no longer rode the trails. 

The sensible option for the busy urbanite in their 20s was clearly the gym. I’ve always found the gym a little boring. I didn’t go, despite getting sucked in by those January deals after the Christmas excess.

During this time I dabbled in jogging. I guess I had some residual fitness and went through a couple of phases where I enjoyed pounding the streets of Mount Pleasant Swansea, merrily dodging the dog shit, broken glass and drug paraphernalia. I even managed to complete a couple of Swansea Bay 10Ks. Sadly though, the running habit never truly stuck.

In my 30s I piled on the pounds. I liked the idea of exercise more than actually doing exercise. I definitely liked eating. Then, after a visit to the doctor with a sore knee, followed by an x-ray, an MRI and a very stressful conversation with a consultant I discovered I had a cyst in the bone in my left knee. That meant no high impact exercise. At all. 

All that was left to me was swimming. I love bobbing around in the sea. I love flumes, lazy rivers and jacuzzis. I hate lane swimming. 

I did not go swimming. 

This month, after 3 years of x-rays, scans and appointments, my knee consultant declared it looked like cyst had shrunk considerably and was no longer worth monitoring regularly. I could resume exercising again. 

But what to do? I’m now 37, and definitely don’t want to play rugby or hockey. Football is a younger man’s game and I still don’t have anyone to play tennis or squash with. 


Running is the answer. 

Over the past couple of years I’ve been inspired listening to the ultra athlete Rich Roll’s podcast, following the barefoot exploits of Tony Riddle and exploring the world of health and well-being as part of my job.

I love the idea of running regularly as my main form of exercise. No expensive gym fees. No regular training sessions or Saturday-consuming away matches. 

Just the freedom to lace up a pair of shoes and start running whenever the mood hits. 
If I could just find that enjoyment of running again, but this time make it stick, I’ll be sorted.

So I have downloaded Couch to 5K and Strava. 

I have begun to run.

This is my running diary. My place to reflect and share my experiences. Running might not be a team sport, but that doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of community. 

I want to learn from experienced athletes and amateurs, and encourage those who, like me, are joining late in the game.

Let’s go!

Published by Graham

2 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Well done Graham I was in the same place at 37 booze and Fags was my only hobby ! Fed up I laced up and did C25K, then a 10k and a couple of half marathons at 40 I did the London Marathon (slowly) 5hrs 57, determined to go under 5hrs last year I did York Marathon 5hrs 27 was the result. I am still determined and realise the booze is a real problem for me so 5 days a go I quit the booze, this journey never ends and it is never about getting to a finish line just enjoy the journey and every twist turn bump in the road and the inevitable falling flat on your face at some point ! Embrace everything 💪 ENJOY

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    1. Hi Jim! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment- your story is properly inspirational! If I can achieve half of what you have I’ll be chuffed!


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